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Our Mother of Grace Solitude

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Our Mother of Grace, Solitude, Umuchukwu, P.O. Box 2793, Awka, Anambra State 420001. Tel.: (080) 7682 6894


Every candidate having a true vocation to our Community is called by God to integrate in a distinct manner the contemplative and apostolic life in the framework of material poverty. In the solitary, communal and apostolic aspects of that vocation the candidate must be prepared to grow in the interior and exterior tones characteristic of this grace inspired call.

(SMP Constitutions p. 38).


A. Pre-Aspirancy

A time for a growing relationship between the candidate and the Community through correspondence and visits, including a vocational-discernment retreat. The length of this period will depend upon when mutual agreement is reached regarding the readiness of the applicant to enter the Community and upon compliance with the entrance conditions specified in Community legislation (SMP Const. p. 38)

B. Aspirancy

This period extends to the beginning of the postulancy and calls for some time (ten days to two weeks) of living the normal schedule of our life (SMP Const. p. 38).

C. Postulancy

One year of living with the Community, becoming acquainted with its spirit, working in the apostolate, being given an orientation into Religious life and receiving spiritual guidance for growth in prayer and the interior life (SMP Const. p. 38).

D. Novitiate

One year, unless decided otherwise, of continued experience in community life and in the apostolate, with special emphasis on the contemplative aspect of our life, and on the all-encompassing significance in Religious life of the three vows (SMP Const. p. 38).

E. Temporary Commitment

Three to five years of temporary vows in the Community with more penetrative study and experience of Community legislation, spirit and apostolate. The vows may be made for three years or be renewed annually, depending upon the Community's decision in each individual case. Evidently there is to be consultation with the one making vows as regards their duration (SMP Const. p. 38).

F. Life Commitment

Permanent consecration expressed by perpetual profession of vows.

G. Those Pursuing Priesthood

A Brother who also feels a call to the priesthood in the context of our life would begin his seminary studies (4 years of philosophy and 4 years of theology under normal circumstances) after the period of initial formation. But he must be in perpetual vows before he is ordained to the diaconate.

H. Internship

This is a year immediately following the end of philosophy in which a Brother studies and lives our way of life in a deeper way and prepares to make a life commitment by perpetual profession of vows. At the end of this year, the Brother makes his perpetual vows if the Community decides so and he accepts this decision. Then the perpetually professed Brother will go on for his theological studies.


Each step in our formation program is preceded by a preparatory retreat. If a person meets the basic requirements for joining our Community, he will be invited to make a two week discernment retreat in one of our solitudes.  During this period, the candidate will be supported with prayer and guidance from the Community and especially by those involved in the work of discerning the candidates vocation. At the end of the retreat, the candidate would either be asked to come back and join or have some time outside to discern his call better.

During the other retreats, assistance would be directed toward helping the candidate appreciate more and more deeply both the Divine favor of a Religious vocation and of our specific call to be only for God and for service to Holy Church.



1. Being at least 19 years of age.

2. Being a practicing Catholic for at least two years, who values the Sacraments, and accepts and strives to be faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church as expressed by the Church�s Magisterium.

3. Experiencing the call or the attraction to TOTAL CONSECRATION in a Religious community setting, and desiring deeper union with God, along with a definite MISSION in His Church.

4. Having at least average intelligence (to meet the demands of seminary studies for one also seeking priesthood).

5. Having a wholesome  prayer life and relationship with God, and the openness to spiritual growth and direction.

6. Having sufficient physical and emotional health.

7. Being free from serious family and financial obligations.

8. Candidates must have at least 5 credits including English Language, Mathematics ,CRK/CRS and two liberal arts in  SSCE or/and GCE either of WAEC or NECO (may not be combined) in not more than two sittings. He must also have the ability to express his thoughts clearly in English both in speaking and writing.

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We are a Religious Community, culturally diverse, adhering to a consecrated life that is monastic in spirit and in structure. With a spirituality based on the teachings of St. John of the Cross (Mystic and Doctor). We desire to leave behind all passing things for The ALL.

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