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Prayer to Our Mother of Peace

O Mother of Jesus and Our Mother full of grace, bear His peace, His presence, His holiness, your Divine Son into our very souls; nourish our minds with His mind for lowliness; our hearts with His heart for self-giving; our souls with His soul for quietness, resting in His Father’s Will; all our energies with His strength for zeal; and with your holy maternal love support each step of your little ones as they cling to you and strive to walk in His likeness. Amen.

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Associate Membership

in the

Society of Our Mother of Peace

Do you feel a desire to deepen your prayer life in your state of life? Then this is for you! Associate Membership in the Society of Our Mother of Peace is another category of sharing in the spirit and charism of the Society. This is like a Third Order. It enables people to seriously live their vocations in life by seriously pursuing the Kingdom of God first. It is basically a call to deeper conversion.


Let me ask you this: How does “A Call to Conversion” strike you? Do you find yourself thinking, “Well, I wouldn’t say that I need conversion, but improvement; I’m reasonably satisfied with where I am  spiritually though I’m not perfect”? Then let me assure you: you need conversion, because full identification with Jesus is the fundamental call of Christian life, and a very deep awareness of one’s lack of such identification and the zeal to strive toward that marvelous goal is precisely what authentic conversion is all about.


Now I know that you have a lot going, but if the focus to seriously “seek first the Kingdom of God and His reign over you” is weak, then real life is quite shallow… Do you want that to continue? Moreover, the matter of seeking “first the Kingdom” is not merely one of spiritual exercises nor any number of good actions but an orientation of life and thought and heart so that Christ takes over in you and your life is no longer your own but His.


You know you are personally called to true holiness by the very life of God within you through baptismal grace and by that very Body and Blood which ongoingly deepens your communion with Jesus. But how can you live that holiness day in and day out? That is of course what Church is all about and Religious life and any association seeking to live in accord with the spirit of a Religious Community.


The spirit of the Society of Our Mother of Peace includes:

a) a strong thrust toward solitary prayer (meditation and contemplation),

b) the making available of the Catholic Faith to all who are not blest with the fullness of gift which that implies, and

c) pursuing the simplicity and self-discipline of the gospel.

Associate members share, in a degree suitable to their state in life, some aspects of this spirit of the Society of Our Mother of Peace.


But just as in a Religious Community there is not simply a focus on spirit but also on distinct means to foster the living of the spirit, so also in a Third Order or Associate Membership a readiness to accept certain daily and weekly practices as means fostering progress in the spirit of holiness are to be expected. In the Associate Membership of the Society there are five such daily or weekly commitments, not binding under sin, but seen as specific basic ingredients for spiritual growth. These are:

A) Daily Mass: making a very real effort to accomplish this, and if for some reason it be truly impeded, that the member set aside during that day an extra half hour for prayerful communion with God.

B) Fifteen minutes of daily spiritual reading which is selected in accord with one’s spiritual needs for light and stimulation to want to sincerely grow spiritually.

C) A half hour of mental prayer daily during which  the focus is whatever would foster deeper communion with God and the progressively generous living of Christ-life.  One could begin this with two fifteen minutes periods but in due time would be spending a solid 30 minutes in prayer.

D) A meeting of an hour and a half each week with like-minded persons striving for holiness. The first half of it focuses on a spiritual talk with discussion, questions and comments, and the other half focuses on the apostolic work of the previous week. Each partnering group presents what was done apostolically so that a practical approach to the cases for the future may be attained. During this part of the meeting a short reading on some doctrinal matter to enhance the members’ clarification and appreciation of Church teaching is done.

E) A weekly assignment to two hours of work in the field of evangelization by door-to-door visitation of everyone in the parish. This is done not to seek information but primarily to invite non-Catholics to consider attendance at the Catholic Church closest to them and to stimulate and respond to questions they might have about the Church founded by Jesus on Peter and the Apostles for the salvation and unification of all the world.

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