Mary the Font Solitude

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“...they took their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God…” (Acts 2:46-47)

After a short reading at the noon and evening meals during which we serve ourselves, we have a sharing.

Fraternal love in Christ requires us to be of real support to each other at these times, especially through conversation which seeks to foster our growing together in our mutual spiritual orientation.

At least six times a year, Sisters from the Convent and other Solitudes gather to share joy in the Lord.

Our weekly period of recreation is one of the most notable times in our life calling for ‘otherness”:a selfless being for CHRIST in His Members.

It is distinctly a time for “binding” by communicating the concern and warmth of Christ’s love, and a time for the despoiling of self love.

“Occasionally there are walks and picnics on the property, having in view a mutual rejoicing in Our Heavenly Father’s holy presence in nature, and especially a facilitating of closer bondedness in Christ among the members of His household.” (Const. p. 29)

Every year, especially on


New Year’s Day


Foundation Day

Founder’s Feast Day, and

Thanksgiving Day,

all three branches of the Society gather for meals and sharing in the Lord.